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This price only valid for Delhi & NCR

Hardware installation - Rs. 500 rupess

Hard drives

Add additional storage space for applications or data Separate Hard drive for additional operating system


Make audio CD's Back up and store data and applications on CD


Play CD's and watch DVD's from your computer
Tape drives
Back up huge amounts of data

Internal cards

Add or upgrade your existing video and sound cards Network cards allow all of the computers to share resources Connect to the internet with a new modem Game cards allow you to connect joy sticks and other external devices


The single most productive upgrade you can make to your computer

Software installation- Rs. 700 rupees

Anti-Virus software

Optimally configured software will protect your computer from viruses

ISP configuration

Set up cable, DSL, or dial up modems for use with an Internet Service Provider Email and newsgroup configuration

Operating systems

Install or upgrade a wide range of operating systems from Windows to Linux

Other services- Rs. 400 rupees

Data transfer

Transfer files from one location to another, such as hard drive to CD-R/RW

Network set-up

Share files, printers, internet access, etc. between all of your computers. Takes about two hours for a three computer network


These prices are for labor only. Parts, if required, will be extra. Unforeseen complications may require an additional input of time and will be charged at A Minimum labor charge of Rs.400 rupees is required on all on-site work. Prices subject to change without notice.

Details our more prices:-

Data Backup & Recovery
  1. Data Backup
  2. Data Recovery Level-Low
  3. Data Recovery Level-Low
  4. Data Recovery Level-High
  1. 350
  2. 1400
  3. 9,000 (Our Lab)
  4. 18,000 (Our Lab)
Peripheral Setup
  1. Peripheral setup
  1. 400
Computer Repair & Upgrade
  1. Diagnosis
  2. Diagnose Repair & Prevention
  3. Computer Optimization
  4. Hardware install (Upgrade/Service)
  5. Software Installation
  6. OS Installation
  7. Diagnose With Repair
  1. 350
  2. 700
  3. 550
  4. 400
  5. 400
  6. 600
  7. 450
New Pc Setup & Security
  1. Pc Setup
  2. Security & Performance
  1. 800
  2. 700
Networking & Internet
  1. Network Consultation
  2. Network Installation
  3. Network Troubleshooting & Repair
  4. Add Device to Existing Network
  1. 300
  2. 600
  3. 400
  4. 200