Networking & Server Support

Networking & Server Support

Without compromise, servers are the heart beat of every network. Our server maintenance plans are designed to keep your server/s updated and always working to produce the expected performance for your network users. Our server maintenance plans comprise of:

  1. Checking server log files
  2. Applying necessary service packs and updates
  3. Checking hard disk space
  4. Checking core file and folder permission
  5. Checking complete security
  6. Checking application functionality
  7. Checking redundancy
  8. Recommending necessary software and hardware upgrades
  9. Check backups and more.

Windows PC

Get a thorough analysis of your computer - optimize speed, performance and fix any problems


(Per Computer)

Support for server and network problems.
  1. Network design, implementation and configuration
  2. Optimize network speed, performance and fix network locks.
  3. Small business server installation, configuration
  4. Install network printer, scanner and shared devices
  1. Included
  2. Included
  3. Included
  4. Included
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