Business Computer AMC

Business Computer AMC

Are you looking for PC and Laptop repair services and support in Delhi NCR. Every computer and laptop after a certain time period needs proper service to get back in shape.

Windows PC

Get a thorough analysis of your computer - optimize speed, performance and fix any problems


(Per Computer)

Apple / Mac

Set up and configure your Apple/Mac PC & Device.


(Inclusive Tax)

Proactive service for small business IT infrastructure delhi NCR
  1. All inclusive Unlimited visits, Online Support
  2. High availability engineer on demand services
  3. Support for small business servers, workstations
  4. Business application support, ERP, MS Office, Tally and more
  5. Help in mail server Configuration & Troubleshooting
  6. Management of Network, File sharing, network printers
  7. Help you install printer, scanner and shared devices
  1. Included
  2. Included
  3. Included
  4. Included
  5. Included
  6. Included
  7. Exclude
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